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We all love the November 2020 Calendar months for the various reasons a few love it due to being born in this month, and the others few love it due to the arrival of the winter by the end of the month. There are very few people who might be aware of the origin of this month other than knowing the few details about it, such as the number of the days and the climate season associated with it.

The month of November is about much more than just a few details and here in this article, we are going to talk about the origin of this month and other special things about this month. We urge you to read this entire article in order to make yourself aware with this month, and then proudly call yourself as the lover of November month.

Overview of the November Month

November Calendar 2020

November is basically the 11th month of the year and is also the last month of the year which contains the length of 30 days. We can define this month in the context of two hemispheres, which are the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere. In the Northern Hemisphere, this month is known as the late or the last month of the autumn season while in the Southern Hemisphere it is the last month of spring.

November 2020 Calendar

In the ancient Roman calendar, the month of November used to be the 9th month of the year due to an absence of the January and the February months. It became the 11th month of the year later when the January and the February months were added into the calendar, and is now the official part of the Gregorian and the Julius calendars.

November Printable Calendar 2020

November 2020 Printable Calendar

There are few observances which fall in this month from the ancient Roman’s empire which are not acknowledged in the present calendar. Here we are listing them for your knowledge enhancement.

  • Ludi Piebeli- 4 November to 17 November
  • Epulum Jovis- 13 November
  • Brumalia- 24 November

Origin of November Month

2020 November Blank Calendar

This is the most significant aspect of the month which the majority of us want to know about. Well as we know that the majority of the months owe their names from the Latin language and in a similar manner the month of November also holds its origin from the Latin word.

November 2020 Blank Calendar

It has been derived from the Latin word”Novem” which means nine in the Latin language. As we know that earlier November used to be the 9th month of the year since there were no January and February months. This is why the Latin word “Novem” used to justify the meaning of this month but in the present scenario, the name doesn’t justify the month since it has been the 11th month of the year now.

Other Facts about the November Month

2020 November Calendar PDF

Now in this section here we are going to list some other unknown facts about this month. So, if you want to know this month in a thorough manner then go ahead and read those facts.

November 2020 Calendar PDF

  • People who are born in the November month from the 24 October to 22 November are born under the Scorpio sun sign while the people from the 23 November to 21 December are born under the Sagittarius sign.
  • Further, the people who are born in this month have the “Topaz” birthstone and the chrysanthemum birth flower.
  • The month of November is considered to be auspicious for the shopping purpose and thus if you are a shopping lover then you are going to get huge discounts this month across various countries in the world.
  • November is also known as the month of no shave month as the majority of the men grow their beard in this month as an awareness sign of prostate and testicular cancer.
  • Bruce Lee who is known to be the famous martial artist in the world was also born in the month of November.
  • November is also known as the “blood month” since the Saxons community used to sacrifice the animals to their God.
  • November is also celebrated as the national month of novel writings.
  • In the United States and Canada, the month of November is celebrated as the end month of World War 1st.
  • The world famous Suez canal was also open in the month of November.

Other Important Observances and the Special Days in November

November Portrait Calendar 2020

November 2020 Portrait Calendar

Here are some of the other important observances in the month of November which are acknowledged across the world.

  • National shopping month.
  • National month of music
  • National month of aviation services.
  • National month of military appreciation
  • National month of family stories
  • National Day for Authors
  • National Day of Parents
  • National Veteran’s Day
  • International Day of Tolerance
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • National Red Planet Day
  • United States General Election Month
  • National Pudding Day
  • National Fast Food Day

The climate in the Month of November

2020 November Landscape Calendar

Climate is the other significant aspect of any given month as the month is recognized by its climate characteristics. This is why without discussing the climate of November’s month the topic can’t be completed. As we know there are two main regions of climate the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere.

November 2020 Landscape Calendar

In the Northern Hemisphere it is the end of the autumn and the beginning of the winter seasons thus you can witness the significant fluctuation in the temperature of climate. In the United States the temperature in the month of can drop down to 7 degrees and the maximum average temperature can be around at 18 degrees. The sunshine hours in the month of November can last up to 10 hours a day with the rainfall of 76mm. The humidity level can be around at 69% on the average scale with the wind of 11 mph.

November 2020 Calendar With Holiday

November 2020 Calendar With Holiday

On the other side if we take the Chile( Santiago) region from the Southern Hemisphere then here it is the end of spring and the beginning of the summer thus you can witness the rise in the temperature. The minimum temperature here can drop down to 7 degrees while the maximum temperature can reach up to 25 degrees and gradually increases as the month passes on.

November Excel Calendar 2020

November 2020 Excel Calendar

The sunshine hours can last up to 9 hours in the day with them as a low level of rain as 10mm. The humidity level is also lower in the month as 58% and dropping further. It could be the best month in the region if you want to enjoy the mild summer with decent sunshine hours.

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